Creative & Production

Reels & Shorts are here to stay, and are quickly showing themselves as the future for Social Media Marketing.

Short-form video content is now an integral part of a successful social media strategy – and that’s straight from the mouths of the people who created our Social Media platforms.
But it’s not an easy feat – the short, trend-based entertainment style of content is a challenge to create for both small businesses and large brands alike.

Worry not!

We can create video content designed for Instagram Reel,  Youtube Shorts that is built around a strategy to help you reach more customers, build a bigger audience and capitalise on trends without compromising your street cred. ​
Whether you’d like us to manage your Instagram or TikTok account for you, or just create the content and send you ready-to-post videos, we’re on hand to make Social Media Video doable!

Who is this for

Small Businesses that are looking to create more visibility, find new ways to attract customers, and grow!
Non-Profit Organisations looking to attract donors, fundraise using social media, and build more awareness around the cause and/or organisation.
Large Brands & Corporations that are looking to add video content to their social strategy, reach new audiences and build brand awareness.

Some of our Work

Our Package

Creator X

30k / month
  • On time delivery
  • Reels editing
  • Influencer face
  • Free stock fottage & music
  • 24/7 support

Let's get to work

Book an intro call to get started & as we will guide you on your productions & more